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Stock Market Coach.com cares a great deal about you. Our aim is to provide the best stock advice with a friendly and positive attitude to keep you on the road to trading success. We work for you and are always happy to receive your feedback and suggestions on ways to improve this site.

Dean Gust

My name is Dean Gust and I'm the founder of Stock Market-Coach.com.

I've been trading the market for years now with extensive experience in both stocks and options. My trading style has gradually evolved over the years, which is a necessity in the markets.

This Stock Trading Educational Website is designed to fast track your investing and trading education.

I've made countless trades, subscribed to newsletters, read dozens of books on trading the markets, have spent countless hours doing stock research and have had trading ups and downs of my own.

Once I learned to think for myself, and found and developed a system that fit my personality, my trading went to a whole new level.

StockMarket-Coach’s mission is to provide a program of sound trading advice, education, and support that helps create successful lifetime stock traders and investors. By doing the appropriate investment research and therefore becoming a confident, knowledgeable stock trader.

You as a stock trader is empowered to build better financial futures for yourself and your family.

Each of us has the opportunity and means to take ownership of our own financial futures!

Enjoy this Stock Investing Website, and feel free to contact me with any questions on information you have read on this site, or provide to feedback for improvements or additions you would like to see.

Peace and Abundance,

Dean Gust


Stock Market Coach

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