Why Buy Silver?

Buy Silver

The reasons to buy silver are solid!

Silver demand is driven by both investors and industry. As a safe haven asset and store of value, silver preserves and protects wealth in times of economic distress.

Gold and Silver also revalue themselves to account for all the fiat currency printed, time and time again throughout histoy.

This historically affords precious metal owners massive gains in purchasing power to buy more land, real estate, stocks, businesses, etc.

Three Key Reasons Why Silver Prices will Soar:

1. Supply and Demand

2. Purchasing Power

3. Inflation

1. Supply and Demand

Silver is a 'miracle metal'. It is second only to oil as the world's most useful commodity.

As an industrial metal, it is indispensible.

Aside from being money, silver-metal has thousands of essential industrial uses. It is the most electrically conductive, thermally resistant, and reflective metal on the planet that has no known substitutes.

Over half of the silver mined each year is consumed in industrial applications—there are real, practical uses for silver.

Silver can be found in an ever expanding array of products such as televisions, computers, smart-phones, solar panels, band-aids, mirrors. The list goes on and on.

And secondly, the above ground silver supply has gone down dramatically.

Silver prices today will continue to rise because there are very limited pure silver mines left in the world.

For the past 30 years the world has used up more silver than has been mined, and today silver inventories are near all time record low levels.

In 1950 there was 10 Billion ounces. In 2012 there was only an estimated supply of between 500 and 700 million ounces.

When investors start to hoard and buy silver, supply for industrial uses will be tight—and price will soar!

2. Purchasing Power

The Chinese, Russian & Indian people are now allowed to buy silver and gold as an investment, and in the past they were not.

This adds even more demand!

In fact in the past, only 10% of the Worlds population were once allowed to purchase precious metals as an investment.

Now 90% of the population can purchase these precious metals and buy silver. This adds tremendous more demand.

As income levels continue to rise in the emerging economies of China, India, and Brazil, an increasing number of consumers are beginning to demand these products as well as view silver as an investment.

Watch the brief video below for a an eye opening insight on the dramatic effect of Supply and Demand, & Purchasing Power on Silver prices.

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3. Inflation

Money is flowing to gold and silver, both as an investment and as an insurance policy against a weakened dollar, due to inflation.

Inflation has already started. Inflation in India is running about 9%. The official inflation rate in China is about 6 %, but the actual rate is much higher. The Chinese government, like the American government, keeps adjusting the official measurement.

In America, the number most often quoted is the core Consumer Price Index (CPI), which does not include food and energy. Core CPI is running 2.4%.

What consumer doesn’t eat or buy energy?

The CPI has been modified so many times the past 40 years that it doesn’t resemble its original form at all. Measured as it was in 1970, year over year inflation in the U.S. is running seven to eight percent in the fall of 2015.

Those who do food shopping on a budget know. The ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner for four in 2015 cost 16% more than they did in 2010.

Why will there be rising, out-of-control inflation?

Because The Federal Reserve, and other central banks around the world, have printed unprecedented amounts of currency.

In fact, this is the definition of monetary inflation – the creation of money without the corresponding creation of assets.

This is known as Fiat Currency.

As economies grow and more assets are created, more currency is required to keep the wheels of commerce turning.

However, when more currency is created than assets, the result is monetary inflation. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States has created some three trillion dollars in the past six years, even though the U.S. economy actually shrunk.

Since President Obama took office, the rate of increase in the money supply has more than tripled. That inflation has not yet been felt. The real rate of inflation will hit double digits.

And even when the government adjusts the CPI measurement again, more people will begin to realize we’ve been duped.

When the official U.S. inflation level gets into the high single digits, say around 8%, the U.S. equity markets will have a tough time. Many will know by then that U.S. treasuries are no longer safe.

Those who do will turn to precious metals; gold and silver.

And because silver will be at a much lower price than gold, most will buy silver.

And this will add even more demand, and the price of silver will soar!

And it will not take much of the trillions of dollars currently invested in the stock and bond markets to move the relatively tiny gold and silver markets a long way.

The ratio of the price of gold to the price of silver will eventually return to historic levels.

The ratio currently stands at about 70:1—that is, an ounce of gold costs 70 times as much as an ounce of silver. For 200 years the ratio fluctuated in a range of 15:1 to 20:1.

That makes a lot of sense when you know that the earth’s crust contains about 16 to 17 times as much silver as gold. Over 200 years ago, people did not know this.

I think it may get there again before beginning a swift return to a historic ratio. It may go even lower– to perhaps 10:1 or lower.

And when the price of gold hits $10,000 per ounce, a 10:1 ratio would put the price of Silver at $1000 an ounce!

Can you see why now is the time to buy silver?


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