Day Trading Software

Day trading software is a necessity to be a successful day trader in the Stock Market.

EquityFeed is specifically designed for real-time traders—traders who use intra-day data to transact in real-time throughout the trading day.

Whether you're an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, EquityFeed helps you succeed.

EquityFeed is powered by TradeConnect™ Real-Time Data and News package. TradeConnect™ fuses the information, tools and analytics you need into a single desktop customized to the way you work.

It's awesome.

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This day trading software contains powerful analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy & sell and when to execute to make the most money possible.

EquityFeed Corp is an on-line provider of real-time market data and analytics for professional traders and individual investors for day trading stocks.. EquityFeed’s state-of-the-art trading platform covers the NASDAQ, OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets. Its tools are sophisticated, powerful and reliable, and yet simple to use.

EquityFeed’s tools give serious traders the newest-breed of powerful trading tools that are unmatched in the industry…tools that allow traders to filter markets in real-time and find trading opportunities that would otherwise be completely invisible.

The latest evolution of the EquityFeed platform provides its users with:

  • Timely and actionable market data through an information platform that’s rock-solid in terms of stability, accuracy and as near zero-latency as possible. EquityFeed has achieved this through an algorithmic-grade ticker plant and proprietary client-side compression technology.
  • Data that is clean and simple to use. Reducing clutter makes it easier for you to access the data you need to make trading decisions. Unlike others tools we’ve tried, EquityFeed places a strong emphasis on making their tools easy to read and interpret – the super-slick user-interface clearly reflects that.
  • TradeConnect gives TD AMERITRADE™ account holders the ability to trade directly through EquityFeed’s proprietary trading platform.
  • An unwavering commitment to innovation and education, with their video tutorials and weekly webinars.

You’re encouraged to join EquityFeed’s community of traders -- other like-minded individuals who are making the volatility in this current market work them. Learn what EquityFeed can do to expand your portfolio’s value by test driving EquityFeed for the next 30 days.


Day Trading Software

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