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The most important step toward financial security is to translate it into your own What, exactly, are your personal financial goals?

If you have trouble sorting them out, try classifying them as either wants or needs.

The reality is, exciting goals and good intentions need cash to back them up. That's where financial planning comes in. It's your best bet for distributing your limited resources among competing goals, especially when trading in the stock market.

Excellent personal financial software should do the following:

  • Brings your accounts together all in one place and helps you set budgeting and savings goals
  • Track your spending easily and automatically
  • Show you where your money’s going so you know where you can save
  • Choose the right investments to reach your goals
  • Minimize taxes on your investments

The following personal financial software tools makes it easy for you to achieve all of this:

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Quicken PremierQuicken Home & Business Turbo Tax QuickTax


Stock Market Coach

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