Spot Gold Prices

Spot Gold Prices

It's important to know the spot Gold prices if you plan on investing in them.

Spot value is the most important indicator in judging the value of gold bullion bars, non-numismatic coins and rounds.

Although minting, taxes, dealer margins and shipping will all increase the purchase price of gold bullion, it is the spot price that has the biggest effect on value.

Therefore, it's very important to know exactly how much bullion is contained in the items you are looking to buy or sell - especially if you are bidding for items at auction or trying to sell your bullion to a dealer or smelter.

Precious metals are traded throughout the day in different markets.

The most active trading occurs in New York, London, Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong.

The prices quoted in the charts below reflect the "spot" price of precious metals. The spot price refers to the price paid for immediate delivery.

The spot prices for gold and silver are set by millions of traders buying and selling futures contracts, which are contracts to deliver gold or silver at some future date (in other words, gold or silver IOUs).

It is also the price that large industrial users and the mints pay before converting gold and silver.

spot gold prices

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