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So, you have some stock research for a stock that you are interested in buying, but want to insure the trend is positive on it first to insure that it’s going up in price and make you some bucks.

As the saying goes, ”The Trend is Your Friend”.

But which tools to use for your stock market forecast?…there are tons of them out there on the internet.

Have a look at this Free Stock-Research Tool from the people at MarketClub.

All you do is enter the Stock Ticker symbol, and in a few hours you will receive an email with your stock research trend analysis on it.

Stock research

As seen in the example above, you stock is rated on a score of 1 to 100. The higher your score the better and more likely your stock will trend up.

This is based on a technology called the Trade Triangle Technology, developed by a Company called INO.

The first and second Green Arrows are more significant if you are a short term or Day Trader.

If you are an Intermediate or Position style stock trader, such as a Swing Trader or a Breakout Trader, you want to pay attention to the fourth Green Arrow.

And if you are a Long Term stock Trend Trader , the fifth green arrow is more significant.

Their unique signals tell you when to enter and exit any trade with ease. Confidently identify the trend direction and strength of a market to put the odds in your favor and consistently execute winning trades.

Know EXACTLY when to get in and out of the market. The Trade Triangles are MarketClub’s proprietary indicators.

This system uses a variety of timing thresholds to produce signals on three charting time frames— daily, weekly, and monthly. By confirming trends on more than one time frame, you are putting the mathematical odds in your favor that you will be on the winning side of that swing.

Give this FREE Stock Research tool a try Here

And remember, when stock trading, the odds are in your favor when you trade with the major trends.

Check out their Free Top 50 Trending Stocks List here.


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