Trading Master Plan

by Bahamianjap

I lost almost $60,000- till I found this Trading Master Plan which Dave wrote.

I was day trading in the early morning from West Coast believing that the GAP of the stocks happened between the close of the previous day and the open of the market could gives thousands of dollars of opportunity easily even to the people having a full time job.

When I started questioning about the "GAP PLAY" because of the amount of the loss I had, I met this Dave's book, "Trading Master Plan". To me, everything what he wrote in the book made sense to me so I just tried what the book told me to do.

The below is the results of my trade after I switched my "losing GAP PLAY" to "Trading Master Plan".

September, 2010: +$1,093-
October, 2010: +$1,295-
November, 2010: $81-
December, 2010: +$3,106-

(My fund in September 2010 was about $22,000-, 25% capital increase just for 4 months)

This is IT!


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