Types of Meditation


Did you know that people who use various forms and types of meditation everyday, are many times happier than those who don't?

They're also healthier, and live longer. And, their sense of well-being is much higher than that of non-meditators.

In fact, meditators are so much healthier that some insurance companies charge lower premiums for meditators than for the rest of the general population.

Meditators' minds are also sharper, and their problem-solving abilities are better. That's one reason why many high-powered executives, and even CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, use types of meditation..

Did you also know that meditators make a LOT more pleasurable brain chemicals—the ones you feel on those days when you feel REALLY good—and, they make these feel-good brain chemicals pretty much ALL THE TIME?

Did you know that meditators have dramatically better mental health? They have less anxiety, anger, depression, and fear, and they have better human relationships, more friends, and feel much more fulfilled in their lives?

These are some of the beneficial effects of meditation.

A company called CenterPointe Research Institute, has developed a technology and type of meditation called the Holosync® audio technology.


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This life-changing technology fast tracks the powerful benefits of meditation. They have a free demo you can try out first. This is one of the very easy meditation techniques and will teach you techniques on how to meditate.

This is another valuable tool in developing your stock trading psychological mindset.


Another superb type of meditation is The Silva Life System. This is truly one of the most powerful set of meditation types and techniques ever developed in the history of meditation.

The Silva meditation method is a therapeutic program developed by Jose Silva in the 1950s in order to better equip people to deal with the already rising stress of life.

The Silva Life System promotes the medical benefits of a deep relaxed state, which allows to slow down metabolism, increase blood flow to the brain and decrease cholesterol levels.

Users of this type of meditation and program say that they become sick up 50% less on average after regularly using the program and use drugs and medication 62% less after being taught the Silva method.

Silva has always been ahead of his time. He was training people in meditation, self-hypnosis and creative visualization before these terms were embedded in public consciousness.

You’ve heard of affirmations, goal setting seminars, positive visualizations and various types of meditation. Hundreds of programs offer these (many of them borrowed from Silva’s work).

The next step is the Silva Mind Body Healing System.

And so you ask "If I Already Have The Silva Life System, Why Would I Need Silva Mind Body Healing?"

The Silva Life System is a guide to breakthrough living in all aspects of your life, from financial to emotional to health.

Silva Mind Body Healing, on the other hand, is completely focused on healing—which means it’s full of Alpha Level meditations, Healing Imagery exercises and belief system-transforming insights that are not present in the Silva Life System.

If you’re serious about healing yourself and your loved ones, Silva Mind Body Healing is an essential add-on to the Silva Life System.

Silva Mind Body Healing

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In short, they train you to do things you never thought possible.

Mindful meditation benefits are many, including helping you keep centered and grounded, which is very important for becoming a successful Stock Market Trader.

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