Wealth Creation

Creating Wealth

Wealth Creation is not as mysterious as one would think.

As outlined on the previous page on Wealth Cycles, investing in the right instrument at the right time in the currency cycle can make you rich.

By recognizing what market cycle is currently in progress, identifying investments that are “in the cycle,” and investing heavily in them before they reach peak price.

When those investments become overvalued, it’s time to sell. Adherents of the Wealth Cycle Principle spend lots of time learning and interpreting what their next “in the cycle” investment will be.

They keep a sharp eye on market fundamentals and price fluctuations.

Even though they are sticking to their strategy of investing in the identified cycle, they must be constantly alert to what’s happening in other sectors, antennae tuned to changing conditions and eyes peeled for the next big thing.

Today, we’re in a precious metals cycle.

But thanks to a confluence of events and the cumulative results of decades-old fiscal policies and market manipulations, our current economic condition is exponentially more fraught with peril and opportunity than the mere progression of economic cycles would ordinarily entail.

Today, a fiat-currency cycle of unprecedented size and duration is coming to a close.

That’s because for the first time in history, every single currency in existence in the world is a fiat currency, and because globalization has linked the economies of the world in interdependent relationships to an extent never before possible.

The Latin word fiat means “let it be done.” And with the stroke of a pen, or the crank of a printing press, “money” is created by Government.

Right now, there may never be another opportunity like this one in our lifetime for wealth creation and to profit from the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever known.

Here’s why:

  • Today’s currency bubble is inflated to unprecedented heights, and because every currency in the world is fiat currency, the only safe haven money investors can turn to is gold and silver.

  • The end of the currency cycle corresponds to the winding down of a stock cycle, magnified as millions of retiring baby boomers are mandated to withdraw 401k and RRSP's funds from the market.

  • As the currency and stock bubbles implode, a commodity cycle—favoring the two commodities that can be used as money when currency has become valueless—is just beginning.

  • We’re living in a world that is interconnected and interdependent in ways unimagined a couple of decades ago.

    With communications occurring at the speed of light, with former developing nations now populated with eager investors, with global trade imbalances and unstable currencies balancing governments and markets on knife’s edge… when this correction starts, baby, it will be the mother of them all.

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So what's the secret of Wealth Creation?

Simply know just a little bit more than the average investor and invest in accordance with those natural economic cycles.

Bucking the cycles is a quick route to financial disaster; investing with the cycles can bring you great wealth and get you Rich quick.

Right now because of the internet, there is unprecedented access to an extraordinary amount of diverse information, making it hard to separate fact from fiction, value from irrelevance and truth from noise.

Much of the financial information we receive is short-term noise or sensationalized headlines, designed more to frighten us than to educate us.

Instead of benefiting from the wealth of financial news at our disposal, we have instead become more and more baffled and overwhelmed.

The key is to educate yourself on wealth creation by learning from the best and reliable sources.

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